Lessons in Installing Shower Doors

Homeowner’s wishing to install or replace shower doors in their bathrooms essentially have two styles from which to choose – framed and frameless doors. Ultimately the choice depends on the bathroom layout, design scheme, as well as individual preference. With a little know-how and patience, the average homeowner can perform a shower door installation in an afternoon.

Frameless shower doors are becoming increasingly popular for both new construction and bathroom renovation projects alike. Frameless shower doors offer and unmatched sophisticated appearance deserved of their stature as the Mercedes-Benz of shower door enclosures. Frameless shower doors create a minimalistic look and actually give the impression that the bathroom is larger, perfect for smaller bathrooms. They are composed of panes of tempered glass and Master Shower Doors installation process available in many styles and are attached to the wall with heavy duty hinges rather than metal frames.

The steps to install a frameless shower door are pretty straightforward. First, measure the shower enclosure and if planning to install a swinging door, make sure to allow for obstacles when opening the door. The base track for the shower door is the first piece to be installed. The function of the base track is to help keep water in the enclosure and keep the door in place. The base track should be cut to the length of the shower’s opening and installed in the middle of the shower’s lip.


The second step in frameless shower door installation is installing the vertical jambs. The use of a level to ensure the vertical jambs are installed at a 90-degree angle to the base track is recommended. For swinging shower doors, the hinge side track is installed first and for sliding shower doors both jambs must be done. To make sure the jambs remain in place when drilling, mark the holes with a pen or pencil once the jamb is in place. Drill the holes, tap the plastic anchors into the holes and screw the jambs into the wall.

The third step to install a frameless shower door is hanging the shower door. Ensure that the door is hinged to swing outwards for swinging shower doors. A level should be used to make sure that the door hangs properly. Unless the walls are warped, there should be about 1/2 inch of space around the jambs. Once the door is leveled the door hinged should be screwed into the hinge track. Sliding shower doors should slide easily into the track without any resistance.

The final step for shower door installation, installing frameless shower doors is to install the header. The header must be aligned with the vertical jambs and then screwed into place. Keeping the door open during this step ensures that it will not interfere with the plumb line. Once this step is finished the handle and drip rail may be attached. Caulking with waterproof caulk is the last step.

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